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Argentina's history, culture, and language is nothing if not interesting. Study this section for tips on blending in with the locals, finding the best spots to learn about the country's history, and where you can pick up a few words of porteno Spanish.

Honoring Evita's Memory
July 26, 1952 is the day Evita Peron died and Argentines celebrate the life of this important figure with ceremonies, speeches and marches through the streets of Buenos Aires.

Catedral Metropolitana
With the new Pope Francis I in Rome coming from Buenos Aires, Catedral Metropolitana is the perfect place to start to see how the city influenced his religious journey to the head of the Catholic Church.

MALBA - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires
MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) has been showcasing the best Latin American art and artists since its opening in 2001. Its evocative and visually stunning exhibits, crisp and bright architecture, cinema screenings, and cafe make it a favorite among travelers and locals alike.

Colectivaizeishon by Daniel Tunnard
Daniel Tunnard took all 139 buses in Buenos Aires, documenting it all in the book and documentary titled Colectivaizeishon. Born in Sheffield, England, Tunnard's writing is replete with history, wit, and humor. By reading his observations in Colectivaizeishon you learn, of course, about the city Buenos Aires but laugh about so many other things...

Fileteado Porteño
Once you make note of the artistic style known as filieteado porteños, you can't help but see it everywhere in Buenos Aires. This highly stylized art grew up alongside another classic of Argentine culture, the tango. This iconographic set of shapes, colors, and lines is one of those things you'll enjoy best right in the city of its origin.

Edificio Kavanagh - Buenos Aires Architectural Masterpiece
Edificio Kavanagh is an architectural masterpiece with an interesting story. Corina Kavanagh, one of Argentina’s wealthiest women, invested all she had inherited to build her very own skyscraper.

Beerlingual - bilingual Pub Quiz in Buenos Aires
Beerlingual, started by the folks that brought you Spanglish, is a bilingual pub quiz which offers up fun questions in both Spanish and English, and pits teams against each other in a friendly trivia challenge. Often held in hip bars across the city, Beerlingual proves that you don't just have to have homework to learn a little Spanish. You can...

Yerba Mate - Background and Preparation
Walk down the street in any Argentine town or city and you'll likely catch a group enjoying yerba mate. The herbal tea is said to have medicinal properties that improve strength and also contains caffeine. The popular South American drink is customarily shared among friends and family, affording a lift in spirit as well as energy.

Spanglish Exchange
Spanglish holds events in which native Spanish and English speakers get together to speak in English for five minutes, then Spanish for five minutes, then switch tables and start again with a new partner. Events are held in hip venues around Buenos Aires.

Gauchos of Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil
The vast plains of Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil were (and still are) filled with cattle and other farm animals. These herds needed to be tended, of course, and Gauchos were the men for the job. This article gives background behind the great tradition and history of these South American cowboys.

Lunfardo is the term given to slang in Buenos Aires. Find out exactly what those taxi drivers are calling each other.

Eva Peron
Evita! One of the most famous faces to represent Argentina, Eva Peron, still fascinates people today. Find photos, bios, life stories, death, journey after death, museum and facts about this historical woman.

Argentina - Historical Photos
Take a glimpse the Argentina of old with these mostly black and white photos. You can see street scenes from the 1930's, shoe shine boys, indigenous hunting trips, and Avenida 9 de Julio before it was flanked by skyscrapers.

Yanqui Mike
Yanqui Mike runs a blog that gives two perspectives of Argentine life - from the campo (ranch) and inside the city. An expat since 2003, Mike has a hand in many different expat organizations and events including a baseball team, chili cook-off, and drinking club just for Democrats. He offered some insights into a few of his endeavors for this...

Argentina Independent - Current Events & Tourism Information in Argentina
The Argentina Independent is an online newspaper based in Buenos Aires. It offers hard hitting journalism on political, social, environmental, and urban issues alongside up-to-date art, film, music, and other events lists and guides for tourists, students, and expats.

Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires
There are many Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, each a little different. This article gives insight into the per hour cost, special activities, class sizes, and vibe of schools in their own words. Find out which Spanish language school is right for you.

New Book Imagines the Journey of Evita’s Body

Highlights of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Art, Impressionism, Museums

My Favorite Books on Buenos Aires and Argentina
books argentina buenos aires evita borges

New Book On Argentine Cinema
Argentina, Buenos Aires, film, Ricardo Darin, Maria Luisa Bemberg, Gary Kramer, Beatriz Urraca

New Book On Argentine Cinema
Argentina, Buenos Aires, film, Ricardo Darin, Maria Luisa Bemberg, Gary Kramer, Beatriz Urraca

New Website Highlights Argentina’s Lunfardo

Argentina Celebrates Friendship Day - Dia Del Amigo - July 20 - Part 1
Dia Del Amigo, Friendship Day, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Recoleta Dinner, Museum

Argentina Celebrates Friendship Day - Dia Del Amigo - July 20 - Part 1
Dia Del Amigo, Friendship Day, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Recoleta Dinner, Museum

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