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Slang in Buenos Aires


Lunfardo is the term used for Buenos Aires slang words

Lunfardo is the term used for Buenos Aires slang words

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There are some things they just don't teach you in Spanish language schools. Lunfardo is just such a thing. Lunfardo is the slang used in the Buenos Aires and surrounding areas.

Lunfardo is “a form of Buenos Aires slang that originated in the underworld. It draws on many languages, including Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and several African languages” according to the Oxford Spanish Dictionary.

This 'underworld' the definition speaks of includes prisoners, immigrants, and the tango scene of the late 19th century. The language was invented so that prisoners could speak to one another with out their guards catching on to what they were saying. The word "lunfardo" itself is a derivation from the Italian word used to mean "outlaw". Mixed in with this prison-speak were words from the growing immigrant cultures of that time and gauchos.

Lunfardo Today

Lunfardo is still proudly spoken in Buenos Aires, mainly, and has spread to other cities such as Rosario and Montevideo, Uruguay's capital. This heavy use of slang often makes even fluent Spanish speakers a bit confused when conversing with a porteno (person from Buenos Aires). This distinct language is a source of pride for those living in Buenos Aires and makes for colorful conversation among locals.

One characteristic of lunfardo is called 'vesre' in which syllables are reversed. The term vesre is an example re-verse -> verse. Examples of this include: tango becoming gotán, café con leche (coffee with milk) becoming feca con chele, and hotel becoming telo.

Lunfardo: A Few Examples
  • buchón - snitch, informer to the law (from the French bouillon)
  • boliche – dance club
  • chochamu - young man (vesre for muchacho)
  • cerebrar - to think something up (from cerebro, "brain")
  • guita - money
  • pibe - like "kid", a common term for boy or, in more recent times, for young man
  • quilombo - racket, ruckus, disorder, mess
  • garpar - to pay with money

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