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August Events in Argentina


Tango in one of Buenos Aires' famous cafes - Cafe Tortoni.

Some of the best tango dancers in the world come to strut their stuff at the Tango Festival & Dance World Cup.

Photo © Armando Maynez
August is an exciting month to be in Argentina. Interesting events and festivals are held through out the country including the Tango Festival & Dance World Cup 2011 in Buenos Aires, the Ushuaia A Fuegolento IV Festival International Gastronomico (Food Festival) in Ushuaia, TEDx Cordoba, and more. If you're looking for interesting things to do in August in Argentina, look no further.

The International Choir Festival "San Juan Coral" (August 11th - 16th): Since 1998 the San Juan Coral organization has held a non competitive festival, for 8-10 selected Argentinean and foreign, mixed, feminine, masculine and/or chamber choirs. Concerts are held across the city in schools, museums, churches, and auditoriums. Workshops for conductors, singers and musicians are also offered.

Tango Festival & Dance World Cup (August 16th - 30th): In 2009 the Tango was declared part of the world's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The application for this distinction came jointly from Uruguay and Argentina, the places where this lively dance was born and thrives to this day. It is no wonder that there is a two-week long festival devoted to all things tango. The Dance World Cup will be apart of the festivities in 2011, which will showcase and crown the best tango dances in the world.

TEDx Cordoba(August 26th): TEDx events are a byproduct of the highly respected TED website and its conferences that have been occurring for the past 20 years. These mini TED conferences are held throughout the world, bringing the best and brightest of their respective fields to speak for a short time about their topic. Buenos Aires had a TEDx event, and Cordoba is set to have its own on August 26th.

Ushuaia A Fuegolento IV Festival International Gastronomico (August 26th - September 5th ): The fourth annual Ushuaia food festival will kick off on August 26th. This festival offers a showcase for the delectable food items this very southern place has to offer. Lamb, trout, clams, sea mussels, and Patagonian toothfish are all used by chefs from local restaurants and hotels to wow guests at the festival.

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