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Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff


Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff

Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff

Photo courtesy of Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff.

The 2nd Annual Event - July 1st, 2012:

The Basics
Place: Maxim's Resto Bar- Borges 1750 in Palermo
Date: Sunday, July 1st, 2012
Time: 2 p.m.
Admission: Free*

*Tasting tickets will be sold for $10 pesos (~$2 USD) each. For each ticket you can get a taste of chili, a specialty cookie, brownie, cornbread, or other baked good. All profits will go to charity.

The Charity: SACS / NALE:

Send a Child to School / Niño’s a la Escuela –SACS / NALE helps an increasing number of children each year by providing the school supplies essential for a successful education. Each child receives a backpack containing notebooks, paper, pencils, erasers (as required by grade level), as well as shoes, socks and the regulation lab coat.
Website: http://sacs-nale.com/

A Who's Who of the Buenos Aires Food World:

From the organizers, to cooks, to judges the Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff is drawing some of the most interesting movers and shakers in the Buenos Aires food world. In fact, many of them have been profiled on goargentina.about.com.
    ***** Chili Organizers*****
  • Frank Almeida: is an expat entrepreneur who hails from Chicago and has launched Argentina´s first high end (and very popular) cookie brand - Sugar & Spice.

  • Dan Karlin: This multi-talented gent runs the successful Argentina Wine tasting and shipping company Anuva Wines. He's also one half of BA Cast - a terrific podcast that explores the dynamics of expats and locals.

  • Yanqui Mike: Cattle rancher and blogger Yanqui Mike began writing in 2006. The blog, http://yanquimike.com.ar, is a terrific mix of ranching life, city life, politics, food, and more.

  • El Tejano: The man behind the hot sauce El Tejano, Larry is also an organizer of the event.

    ***** Chili Cooks *****
    (Just a few of the 20+ contestants)

  • John Brister: Winner of last years BA Chili Cookoff, Brister is defending his title. Brister is a film producer who often produces movies for children, including the “Soccer Dog” movies for Sony Pictures. He's part of San Telmo Loft - who did an excellent piece for GoArgentina! on spotting counterfeit cash in Buenos Aires.

  • Paul Strobl: Paul is a personal coach for entrepreneurs and executives who want more out of their personal and professional lives. In addition to CrossFit, running and nutrition, cooking is his creative outlet with an emphasis on spicy. Having earned 2nd place in last year's competition, he's gunning for 1st in 2012.

  • Charles Lucking: started out with his mom's cowboy-chili recipe, added some other stuff, fiddled around with it, tried some different things, upgraded an ingredient or two, eliminated the unnecessary, emphasized certain flavors, and boom. He's a particularly awesome fellow. Quality! (And also this article writer's husband.)

  • Liza Puglia, aka NOLAchef: A Southern girl from New Orleans, Louisiana who loves feeding people. Her high energy and diverse imagination come together in the kitchen reflecting her love of food and travel.

  • Matt Ward: The owner of Back in BA – the best littlest hostel in Palermo Soho.

  • Daniel Tunnard: Is all over the place. He took all the buses in Buenos Aires and documented it in what will be a book/movie called: Colectivaizeishon. He also makes regular apperances at GrinGo, a stand up comedy show in English, and Second Story Buenos Aires, a story telling event in English.

    ***** Chili Judges *****
    (Just a few of the 30+ judges for the chili cookoff.)

  • Dan Perlman: runs the closed door restaurant Casa SaltShaker and write the SaltShaker food and wine blog. See a profile of here.

  • Mychael Henry: The chef and founder of Poke, a Latin and Asian fusion (pop-up) Restaurant.

  • Javier Bertolini: Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Javier is an architect, artist and amateur cook. He believes that beauty everywhere is a way to salvation, including the food we eat. His other ideas about beauty are found in his work: http://estudiobertolini.com/

  • Ian Mount: journalist and writer of the book "The Vineyard at the End of the World"

  • Skye Lucking (nee Brannon): (Hey, that's me!) The writer for About.com’s Argentina section where she reviews restaurants, writes articles on classic Argentine foods, and gives the lay of the tourism land. She is also an entrepreneur, tech geek, performer, and working artist. You can find examples of her work on her website& Facebook page.

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