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The natural wonders to the north and south, wine country to the west, and busy city life of Buenos Aires lend themselves to a wide variety of experiences. Check this page for tours, places, and events to add to your agenda.

*Most tours are in Buenos Aires unless otherwise noted.
  1. Food & Wine Tours
  2. Sports & Active Tours
  3. Art, Photography, & Culture Tours
  4. Music, Tango, & Festivals
  5. Special Tours & Services

Food & Wine Tours

La Boca food tour item - fuggazetta

Argentina is famed for its steaks, wine, and sweets. Find out the best tours and services to get the most out of Argentina's gastronomy.

Sports & Active Tours

Walking, biking, hiking, tango, and other tours that will not only give you a glimpse of the city, but also help work off that steak dinner and wine from the night before. These tours offer an active way to get in the sites of the city.

Art, Photography, & Culture Tours

Pol Corona working on a mural in Buenos Aires, sponsored by Juanele.

The streets of Buenos Aires have been filling up with excellent graffiti art from talents around the world. This mixed with the general appreciation for aesthetics in Argentina, not to mention an already thriving art scene, museums, and fairs makes for an art lover's dream. If you want to get in on the artistic fun yourself, there are tours for that as well.

Music, Tango, & Festivals

There are many music festivals in Argentina.

Attendance at music festivals in Latin America has been skyrocketing. Check out what the big draw is, as well as small musical events. If you're interested in tango, this list will give insight into some of the best companies that can give you the inside scoop on milongas, tango shows, and more.

Special Tours & Services

Some tours and services just don't fit neatly into a category. Check out these unique offerings to travelers in Argentina.

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