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Argentina Nightlife

The abundance of night clubs and stamina of Argentine party-goers and club dancers has gained world wide attention. This isn’t an affair left just for the weekend. There’s a club opening its doors every night of the week ready to accommodate until the sun pushes its way above the horizon.

La Peña del Colorado
A mainstay in the peña folklórica scene, La Peña del Colorado offers a relaxed atmosphere, excellent food, and a unique folk-art decor. If you're looking to get to some of the roots of Argentina's culture this peña folklórica in the Palermo, Buenos Aires is a perfect start.

Casino de Buenos Aires
What major tourist city would be complete with out a casino somewhere in the mix? Buenos Aires boasts a triple decker, riverboat-style casino. It opened in 1999, in the Puerto Madero area, and is named "Estrella de la Fortuna" roughly translated to "Star of the Fortune".

Peñas Folklóricas
Peñas Folklóricas celebrate the old traditions with flair. From the delicacies of the farm and ranch-lands, to the songs tapped out on churangos and guitars, to the dances that were swinging long before tango hit the main stage. If you're looking for a little old country charm in the heart of the city, peñas folklóricas will give you a taste.

Tango Shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The wonderful and sensuous dance that is Tango draws thousands of visitors to Argentina every year. They go to a tango show and marvel at how easy it looks. Then, they go to a tango lesson and are surprised at how hard it is to dance. You can use this list to help you along the way.

Teatro Colon

Top 10 Popular Restaurants in Buenos Aires
Known for their love of food, talk, and more food Argentines have a plentiful selection of restaurants. You can easily find a great steak or selection of meats, but also delicious Italian and Mediterranean fare, a reflection of the ethnic heritage of many Argentines. Here are ten restaurants that get high marks among tourists and locals alike.

Second Story Buenos Aires
Second Story Buenos Aires is an English story telling event in Buenos Aires (think The Moth) which showcases the true stories of adults. Sometimes funny, others serious, sometimes confessional others silly one thing is certain - Second Story is always interesting.

Argentina's rich tango history and culture is a point of pride for many of its citizens, especially for residents of Buenos Aires, called porteños. This exotic and erotic dance evolved from humble beginnings to a national obsession.

Narrative Tango Tours
Narrative Tango Tours

Official Tourism Website for Buenos Aires
This official Tourism Website for Buenos Aires is a great resource for the latest happenings about the city.

Karaoke Bars in Buenos Aires
Looking to sing your heart out at a karaoke club in buenos aires? Karaoke clubs are called canto clubs in Argentina. There are only a few, and mostly open on the weekends. However, if you want to get your fill of karaoke singing in Buenos Aires, here are a few spots.

Konex Cultural Center
The Konex Cultural Center was converted in 1990 to house Buenos Aires' best music, theater, and cultural events. Whether you are looking for the jamming beats of Bomba del Tiempo or marvel at the creative minds presenting at Pecha Kucha Night, the Konex Cultural Center likely has an event for you.

Jazz Clubs in Buenos Aires
There are a few but distinguished jazz clubs in Buenos Aires. Notorious, Boris, Jazz & Pop, and Thelonius have been treating audiences to great jazz accompanied by delicious dinner, cocktails, and merriment for many years.

Teatro Ciego - Blind Theater
Teatro Ciego - Blind Theater in Buenos Aires

Definition: Boliche
Boliche is an important word to know if you're looking to take advantage of that real late night vibe that flows through Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina into the small hours of the evening.

Official Tourism Website for Buenos Aires
This official Tourism Website for Buenos Aires is a great resource for the latest happenings about the city.

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