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La Peña del Colorado

A Tast of Tradition

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La Peña del Colorado

La Peña del Colorado

Photo courtesy of La Peña del Colorado
As far as many tourists are concerned, tango and beef are the darlings of Argentina's culture. However, you only have to visit a peña folklórica to realize there's much more. One of the best is La Peña del Colorado, a rustic and welcoming music venue and restaurant that will give you a taste, musical, artistic, and gastronomic, of a rich tradition.

Don't Wait

I'd been in Argentina for two years and had not yet visited a peña folklórica. I probably wouldn't have if a friend wasn't having a birthday party at La Peña del Colorado. I was so pleased to find she'd picked this well known and highly regarded peña folklórica. After having an evening of fun with friends at this place, I recommend that you not wait so long to visit. Put this place at the top of your list if you've a limited time in the city.


Upon entering La Peña del Colorado, you'll begin to feel taken back in time. The walls have exposed-brick, however those bricks are covered up by a mix of folk art, musical instruments, old signs, and knick-knacks. Music and food aside, the artwork itself would be reason enough to visit. Highly colorful and politically charged canvases, sculptures, and drawings hang everywhere.

As with so many restaurants and clubs in Buenos Airs, the dining area is very long, going far back until you hit a stage. The staff is friendly and vibe relaxed, all the more with large banquet tables lining the walls, so you feel you're eating with family.

Traditional Food

While La Peña del Colorado offers up the steak, fries, and salads customary to Argentine parillas, it also has traditional dishes that hail from the north of the country. Ours was a large group, so I got to see many of the different plates from the menu. From the locro, to the humita, to even the chori-pan, every plate was a great size and looked delicious.

Of course, it was a birthday celebration - so cake was a must. Well, a big slice of brownie at least. The brownie was soft and most, served with a fruit compote and side of vanilla ice cream. Excellent!


I must admit, I did not get a chance to see or listen to the musical acts playing that evening. Our table was at the very front of the restaurant, far away from the stage. However, La Peña del Colorado is known for it's terrific musical acts. You may see some of them for yourself on the restaurant's website. Also, check out this wonderful review from the San Telmo Loft website.


La Peña del Colorado
Güemes 3657, Palermo, Buenos Aires
http://www.lapeniadelcolorado.com.ar (Spanish)
Showtimes: Shows $25. Everyday 10pm-4am.

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