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Teatro Ciego - Blind Theater


Teatro Ciego show 'A Ciegas con Luz'

Teatro Ciego show 'A Ciegas con Luz'

Photo courtesy of Centro Argentino de Teatro Ciego.

Show: A Ciegas Con Luz (Blinded by the Light):

There is no shortage of live music and concerts in Buenos Aires. However, if you are looking for a truly unique experience, found in only a few spots around the world, the gourmet dinner and show performance called "A Ciagas con Luz" is perfect. This is the headline show for the Centro Argentino de Teatro Ciego (The Argentina Center of Blind Theater)and has been growing in popularity. The show is a combination of tactile dining and intense experiences of senses other than sight.

What to Expect

Audience members hold on to one another's shoulders and are led into a dining room that is completely dark. It makes not a bit of difference if you close your eyes or open them, all you will see is black. The usher who leads you to your table (usually of four people) warns that the first five minutes of darkness are the most intense and may be unpleasant. However, you'll get used to the surreal sense of blindness.

Light music will play while you chat with your dinner companions. Then, the smell of food will waft into the air. You'll be served a long plate on which all courses are laid out, appetizer first on the left on down to a dessert on the right. All of the foods are finger foods, such as empanadas and satay. A bread basket is at the center of the table. Don't be surprised to bump hands when searching for it. Wine or water is poured. Be careful - you can't see how much you're drinking!

After dinner is done, the show begins. A beautiful voice, that of Luz Yacianci, begins to float in the air, singing melodies in Spanish. Throughout the show you'll feel gusts of wind and sprinkles of water. The scent of roses will fill the air. Voices will travel above and around you. You'll feel a body rushing behind you, though the darkness.

Toward the end of the evening, the lights will brighten and you'll see the room you've been in for the past few hours, enclosed in black felt walls and drapes. The singer will make her way around the tables, chatting with guests. You'll see who you've been dining with and you might be surprised.

Other Events:

Although "Ciegas Con Luz" is the primary show for Teatro Ciego, there are other shows as well.
  • Tango Ciegas: That's right, blind tango lessons! This class is led by two instructors with a great number of years in tango teaching experience. They have had to alter their teaching style to accommodate students wearing blindfolds and dancing in the same completely darkened room where 'A Ciegas Con Luz' is performed. You can get a monthly subscription or try out a single lesson.

    Day/Hour: Wednesdays at 7:30pm
    Cost: $70 for a monthly subscription or $20 for a single class.
  • "El Sueño De los Elefantes" (The Dreams of Elephants): In this production, audience members are lead into a dark room and lie down while the show is performed around them. Sounds and smells elicit feelings of the Serengeti. The audience is encouraged to imagine a story of their own, given the sensory cues through out the show.

    Hours: Shows at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. - check schedule for days
    Cost: 60 pesos ($15) in advance and 70 (418) pesos the day of.


Director Martín Bondone and producer Gerardo Bentatti founded the Centro Argentino de Teatro Ciego (The Argentina Center of Blind Theater) in 2008. Inspired in part by the restaurant Dans le Noir in London, which serves food in complete darkness, and Bentatti's work with Ojuro, a theater group of non-sighted actors, the men rented a space which now houses their popular headline show "A Ciegas con Luz" (Blinded by the Light) along with other blind events - such as blind tango lessons. The organization hires visually impaired waitstaff to serve at its gourmet dinner shows, as well as visually impaired actors and singers to perform in the pitch black shows.

Address, Hours, and Tickets:

Address: Zelaya 3006, Abasto, Buenos Aires
Days/Hours: Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays at 9pm
Tickets: $100 including drinks and dinner

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