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5 Great Step-by-Step Guides for using the Guia T

Never get on a bus going the wrong way again!


5 Great Step-by-Step Guides for using the Guia T

Guia T - Buenos Aires Guide to Buses

Photo courtesy of Skye Brannon.
There was much debate as to whether I should create another step-by-step guide to figuring out the Guia T, the bus guide for Buenos Aires. Given that there is an excellent online alternative to the Guia T, an Interactive Map of Buenos Aires public transportation, which might make the book less of a necessity added to the quality of posts already out there, I figured I wouldn't reinvent the bus wheel. I'm presenting these terrific guides to figure out the guide for Buenos Aires buses.

Online Resources to help you find your way:
- Interactive Map of Buenos Aires: http://mapa.buenosaires.gov.ar/
- X Colectivo: www.xcolectivo.com.ar
- Como Viajo: www.comoviajo.com

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