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Mapas de Buenos Aires

Small Pastel-colored Maps to Palermo, Botanico, and Colegiales


Mapas de Buenos Aires

Mapa de Buenos Aires

Photo courtesy of Mapa de Buenos Aires.
Take one, you know you want to.

Walk around the trendy neighborhoods of Palermo, Botanico, or Colegiales and you'll likely see small pastel-colored maps stacked high in cafes and shops. Take one. You know you want to. Produced by a small group of designers working out Palermo Hollywood, the maps typically come in three separate versions one for gastronomy, another for interior design, arts & hotels, and another for clothing and accessories. They're packed full of the latest, greatest, and most trendy spots in the area.

Printable Version Online & Searchable Database

If you haven't made it to Buenos Aires yet, but would like to take a look at one of these maps - no problem. They have a printable version on their website. Or, if you lost your printed version but remember a business name that you wanted to check out, they have a database that lets you search by name or category in each barrio. Otherwise, they have a straightforward menu structure that helps you find what you're after.

Website: http://www.mapasbsas.com

Godoy Cruz 1774
Palermo Viejo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (+54 11) 48 33 25 44
Email: mapas@mapasbsas.com
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