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A Restaurant by Francis Mallmann

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1884 Francis Mallmann's Restaurant: Humita

Photo courtesy of Charles Lucking.
If you're looking for a great meal in Mendoza, Argentina - it won't take long to find reviews and recommendations for 1884 a restaurant launched by Francis Mallmann. The chef is one of the most famous and lauded in South America and is gaining notice internationally as well. So, it is no surprise that his restaurant is also a must-eat for foodies living or visiting the region.

The Bar

We went to 1884 in the evening, our taxi waved through two large metal gates, making us feel as though we were exploring some special secret place. After walking through heavy metal doors our first glance was at the elegant bar on one side and large windows on the other. Through the windows, a well tended garden sat unpopulated in the chilly June weather.

The friendly hostess asked if we'd like to enjoy a drink at the bar prior to our dinner, which we did. The bartender made an excellent martini, poured a sweet and fruity cocktail, and then whipped up an Old Lab which was dangerously tasty. We enjoyed our drinks, munched on cheesy and crisp bread sticks, and popped black olives into our mouths.

The Appetizers

1884 Francis Mallmann's Restaurant: Chivito

Photo courtesy of Charles Lucking.
To be sure - the menu at 1884 is not light. The appetizer menu was chock full of greens and vegetables mixed with slabs and sprinkles of meats and dollops or slices of cheeses. Olive oil is also a main player in these dishes. That said, these are all delicious things! Some of the appetizers we enjoyed:

- Burnt carrots, greens, goat cheese, and garlic chips: a delicious combination of sweet, savory, and rich.
- Humita: a classic Argentine dish. It was delicious, but not so different than other humita I've had in the country. I'd go for a more unique appetizer.
- Beef Empananda: also a typical Argentine food, but this was done so well, it was worth a try.
- Shrimp in an iron Box: sizzling shrimp (just 3 with heads and tails attached) came in a hot iron skillet, surrounded by crispy, thin-sliced potato discs that fried to the bottom of the pan. The entire skillet was sprinkled with bits of ham and bacon.

Main Dish

We ordered a number of appetizers, so when the main dishes came, we all let out a little sigh contemplating the challenge. Luckily, there were only two for our party of three.

One was the "chivito" or baby goat, smothered with a green pesto sauce and served with fingerling potatoes. The meat was well cooked, seasoned, and salted. Excellent. The second was for our vegetarian friend. It was a beautiful pile of thick pasta noodles, in a olive oil and pine nut sauce, covered with a healthy amount of cheese. I should note that my friend sent it back because she doesn't like cheese (it hadn't been listed as an ingredient) and the staff was happy to comply, bringing a new dish out in acceptable time.


1884 Francis Mallmann's Restaurant: Dessert

Photo courtesy of Charles Lucking.
Ordering dessert was an act of sheer gluttony with a spark of curiosity. We asked the waitress for a recommendation. She steered us away from the tiramisu and toward the charred fruit and ice-cream combination. It was a good choice. A beautiful architecture of carmelized grapefruit, oranges, and bananas beside a scoop of vanilla. Delicious!

Restaurant Contact Information
1884 Francis Mallmann
Website (Spanish)
Address: Belgrano 1188 - Godoy Cruz - Mendoza
Telephone:54 (261) 4242698 / 054 (261) 4243336
Sunday to Friday from 12:30 to 2:00pm
Sunday to Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12:00am
Thursday to Saturday from 8:30 a 1:00am

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