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Cluny - A Review ofthe hip, Palermo Soho, Eatery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires is a diner’s ideal city if looking for a long, leisurely lunch. One local landmark in Palermo Soho, Cluny, is perfect for a lunch date. This open-air renovated warehouse has several different seating options, including a comfortable outdoor patio. The lower part of the split level dining room is elegantly decorated with warm wood and white armchairs and sofas and the upper level contains traditional seating that looks into a kitchen. The restaurant maintains the home-like sensation of a sophisticated living room, and features a stylish marble bar. Jazzy remixes of popular hits complete the perfectly tuned ambiance for a great meal.


Cluny’s French and Mediterranean inspired menu features well prepared and simple dishes to highlight the natural taste of high quality ingredients. While Cluny is far from the stereotypical, quintessential Argentine restaurant, it is a great example of contemporary Argentine gastronomy.

For lunch, the daily pre-set menu offers a choice of appetizer, main course and a dessert, served with a glass of wine and ending with a coffee. The portions are large. Highlights of the lunch menu included savory butternut squash raviolis with a light sauce served with toasted almonds, and a satisfying caesar salad, paired with a glass of chardonnay. The extensive ala-carte menu offers a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes, like a seafood risotto and braised Patagonian lamb.

If a sweet afternoon snack is what you’re after, Cluny has a fabulous dessert menu, as well as pastry or tea items offered all afternoon. Argentines typically eat a merienda, or a snack in the later afternoon, to tide over until a late night dinner. Their chocolate brownies are soft and chewy and covered with a chocolate sauce, and their scones would make a perfect accompaniment to a cafe cortado. Small sandwiches or a cheese platter are other great options.


Cluny’s stylish bar is the perfect place to start a great evening out, or indulge in a signature drink during cocktail hour. The bar menu boasts all of the classics, along with creative house made specials. Try a ‘De la Ostia’, an exotic mix of passion fruit, strawberries and sake, or a Palermo Turf, made with an aged whiskey, ginger ale and eucalyptus. The fully stocked bar is open all day, in case you don;t want to wait until happy hour! The wine list is extensive and features many of the regions best varietals.


Even during a leisurely lunch, the friendly staff is available and attentive and takes care never to rush the meal. Argentina does not share North America’s customer-first service culture, but Cluny offers first-class service. They are open seven days a week from noon until late. Cluny’s classy yet casual setting is a sure hit for a long lunch or a business lunch and would be ideal for a date night, a nice meal out or a great place to grab a coffee or a cocktail with a friend.


Palermo Soho is a great spot to spend the afternoon. Many local fashion and furniture designers are located in this neighborhood, making it the best for shopping or just browsing. Don’t miss the open air markets in nearby Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano, featuring artisan designed goods that make for perfect souvenirs. You can find everything from hand woven wool sweaters and painted mate gourds, to traditional South American instruments and art. Along streets Gorriti and Gurruchaga you will find some of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive clothing designers, along with world class furniture designers with beautiful window displays.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.cluny.com.ar/
Address: El Salvador 4816, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (+54)4831-7176
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