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Kentucky Pizza – Buenos Aires Pizza Joint

An Argentina Classic with an American State's Name

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Kentucky Pizza – Buenos Aires Pizza Joint

Kentucky Pizza Sign

Photo courtesy of Skye Lucking
There is a lot of debate in the foodie realm of Buenos Aires' expats about what's what with pizza pie in this city. For this reviewer, I've been sold on Kentucky Pizza's fugazzeta. Find out about this pizza place that is oh so Argentine.


If you’re hungry at an odd time, like 4 p.m. in the afternoon or even 4 a.m. in the morning, you’ve got a tasty and cheap option in Kentucky Pizza. Established in 1942, with its bright, round neon sign beckoning, this classic Buenos Aires pizza joint with an American state for a name has been luring tourists and portenos alike. We fell into the ‘odd timing’ category when we needed to feed our friends before their long flight back to the USA, so it was Kentucky time.

Sure, there is a horse racer in the logo, reminiscent of the Kentucky derby perhaps, and it’s called Kentucky Pizzeria, the same as a US state. However, one of the things I love most about Kentucky Pizza in Buenos Aires is how very Argentina it is. Start off with the fileteado, a very Buenos Aires style of painting, on the front windows and signs inside the restaurant. After that, check out the old bottles of Argentina beer and rum lining shelves, images of old soccer moments, team pennants, and movie stars. The trays upon trays of empanadas are also a clue. But, what makes Kentucky pizza most Argentina is – the Argentines! The locals know – this pizza restaurant offers a great deal and perfectly gooey and rich pizzas.

Fugazzeta con Jamon

When we first heard of the fugazzeta, the person describing it didn’t know its name. “It’s this amazing pizza, but it has a creamy cheese and onions – a ton of perfectly cooked onions. Oh, and it’s three inches thick!” Since then, we’d been intrigued and figured out just what the guy was talking about. Fugazzeta has been a classic Argentine dish since the 1930’s. In fact, Buenos Aires Food Tours will take you to the place fugazzeta was born if you go on the La Boca tour.

His description was spot on, too. While our friends checked to see if they had all their bags and passports in order, I went a few blocks down to order my first fugazzeta. The counter was manned by some adorable teen or twenty-something Argentine fellas, all smiles at my clumsy ordering. The clumsy came in my asking if there was a possibility to have sausage on the fugazzeta. (Answer was a friendly, “No.”) After that was done, I saw a fresh mound of dough flattened and moments later, saw my fugazetta-to-be slid into a hot, fiery oven.

The end result was a gooey and onion-y fugazetta with thin slices of pink ham buried under all the cheese and a pile of green olives centered in the middle. There were also a few pieces of Fainá, chickpea bread, on top. Our guests blissfully dug in to the Argentine delight and left our home-country full and happy. Success!


Address: Santa Fe, Av. 4602, Palermo
Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 4pm and 8 p.m. to close (which can be 4 a.m. on weekends)
Telephone: 4773-7869
No website that I could find

Kentucky Pizza - Buenos Aires

Photo courtesy of Skye Lucking.

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