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El Tejano - BBQ and Sides


El Tejano - BBQ and Sides

El Tejano - A Closed-Door, Texas-Style BBQ Feast in the Heart of Buenos Aires

Photo courtesy of El Tejano.

A Closed-Door, Texas-Style BBQ Feast:

Larry Rogers knows his sauces. The man behind the popular El Tajano hot sauce brand, the American entrepreneur decided to get in on the closed-door restaurant boom and offer up some fall-off-the-bone ribs and briskets plus other delectable dishes. We had the opportunity to interview Larry about his true passion: hot sauce and serving up a perfectly prepared feast to a hungry crowd.


Where did you first learn about Texas style BBQ?
I was born in Longview, Tx. and moved to Austin where I lived up until my departure to BA. Both my brother and I learned how to cook BBQ from our Dad when we use to visit him. He always used the grill, marinating the steaks all day. I hated waiting on dinner, never understood a good marinade until I became older.

How did "BBQ and Sides" get its start?
I started doing BBQ in BA about 1 year ago when I purchase a small smoker from a friend who runs SilverStar Transport. It was a genius investment as I missed BBQ greatly and that little smoker got the job done. The problem I ran into was that people started to order the brisket or ask that I do a birthday party or dinner party.

From a growing need for space, I found a good friend in Daniel Karlin of Anuva Wines who offered me a venue to hold BBQ events: Reserve. This way our clients get great BBQ and a beautiful selection of wines; while being set in a great, inviting atmosphere like Reserve.

You are also the man behind El Tejano hot sauces. Right?
As far as the sauces go, I've been in the business for years. We have been trying to break into the local markets with our hot sauces (as opposed to Tex-Mex salsas which pose problems in the areas of distribution and manufacturing due to its base ingredient... tomato). All of our BBQ at the BBQ and Sides events is coated with my own El Tejano dry rub hours prior to its time in the smoker or on the parrilla.

BBQ & Sides: Event, Preparation, Goodies:

Tell us about the event.
We host the closed-door event, "BBQ & Sides" every Friday night at Reserve at 9:00pm (events are sometimes suspended due to negative externalities such as difficulties getting the perfect ingredients).

Each "BBQ & Sides" event is special, in that the menu changes every week. It's not always a different meat option, but a rotation of typical Texas sides gets play. This is why our event is called "BBQ & Sides". We make up a Texas size option for almost all people. From our smoked sweet corn, spicy cornbread, beer bread, baked potatoes, coleslaw to our BBQ pork ribs and brisket we bring something for everyone.

We can even handle the mild vegetarian palette creating dishes on the fly. We've been known to make a killer roasted bell pepper, filled with fried egg sporting a melted cheese topping, Tex-mex and pico de gallo finish.

It will be a battle to save room for dessert, as all the BBQ and sides will draw you in to a feeding frenzy, but if you do show some restraint you'll get the fantastic chance to try banana bread and brownies from the popular bakery Sugar and Spice, run by Frank Alameida.

As to be expected a BBQ is not complete without sauces. We offer homemade BBQ sauce, hot sauces and salsas. Sauces/salsas are for sale at all events (depending upon availability). Each guest receives a goody bag including a El Tejano hot sauce and coupon for a 10% discount for the next event.

What's your process?
Our Brisket (tapa de asado) is smoked for approx. 8 hours, then wrapped In foil where It continues to cook until it's presented on to the cutting board. Our BBQ pork ribs are charbroiled over beer soaked wood chips 6 hours prior to the event. We lacquer the ribs with home made BBQ sauce every 30 minutes while turning the ribs over to cook evenly.

Contact Details:

Price & Reservations
ARG $150.00 ($32USD) per person (Drinks not included)
50% prepayment is REQUIRED.
The 50% deposit and RSVP can be made via Paypal or in person. Paypal: eltejanoba@gmail.com

The physical address will be sent out on the day of the event to all of those who have placed the 50% deposit. However, for your planning purposes, it is 2 Blocks from Cordoba and Scalibrini Ortiz, in the Palermo Soho neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact and Social Media
Website: http://www.eltejanoba.com.ar/
Email: info@eltejanoba.com.ar
Twitter: @eltejanoba
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