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Guides to Parillas in Buenos Aires

Resources to Find the Best Parillas


Parilla in Buenos Aires

A typical plate of meats at a parilla in Buenos Aires.

Photo courtesy of Diego Torres Silvestre
Given the great demand for beef in Argentina, it is no surprise there are many parillas scattered across Buenos Aires and Argentina in general. While an asado is more of family-style barbeque, on a grill in the back yard or terrace, a parilla is a restaurant and steakhouse.

Parillas have the great benefit of using Argentina beef. However, not only a steak does a great parilla make. There are the sides, sauces, such as chimichurri and criolla, the ambiance, and the price. Luckily, there are many terrific food bloggers and websites that can lead you to the parilla that's right for you.

Online Guides to Parillas in Buenos Aires
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