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Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires


Vegetarians are enjoying more and more options in Buenos Aires, a city known for its giant sized steaks and parillas on every block. There are several vegetarian restaurants that offer up unique salads, pastas, tofu, and meat substitute based meals. This list names a few of them plus some places where you can get a decent dish alongside the meat eaters.


Photo courtesy of Bio.
It's green exterior gives a hint to the earthy goodness with in. Bio offers soups, stir-fries, pastas, pizzas, unique salads, and other healthy, organic fare. You can also get some amazing fresh juices including orange, carrot, beet, or ginger lemonade. Their back wall is also stocked with organic products you can take home including oil, tea, wine, and gluten-free pastas.

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Contact Website:http://www.biorestaurant.com.ar/
Address: 2199 Humbolt, Palermo Hollywood

Buenos Aires Verde

Photo courtesy of Buenos Aires Verde
Buenos Aires Verde offers vegetarian, vegan, and raw food dishes. They use only fresh, organic, and locally produced vegetables. The atmosphere is bright and inviting, with chalk-board menus offering up specials such as quinoa risotto and portabello mushroom appetizers.

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Address: Gorriti 5657, Palermo Hollywood

Spring Vegetarian Buffet

Definitely save a visit to Spring Vegetarian Buffet for when you've got a healthy appetite. The buffet is completely vegetarian with a goodly amount of soy and tofu products, creamy pasta, salad makings, and Asian dishes and curries. If you have room after all of that, there is also a large dessert section filled with cakes, pies, and ice cream. A note: they don't offer alcoholic beverages, but you can bring your own bottle.

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Contact Address: Bulnes 2577, Palermo , Buenos Aires


Photo courtesy of Meraviglia.
Meraviglia is a family owned restaurant that offers an eclectic menu with rotating daily specials. Items such as lentil hamburgers, tartas filled with vegetables, salads, wraps, and pastas all made with organic products. The restaurant also offers activities such as natural cooking classes (in Spanish).

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Website: http://www.meraviglia.com.ar/
Address: Goritti 5796, Palermo , Buenos Aires
Twitter: @meravigliatweet


Photo courtesy of Kensho
After donning the chef's hat at a few other organic and vegetarian restaurants, chef Maximo Cabrera opened his own place: Kensho. Organic cooking with a gourmet Asian twist, Kensho caters to vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, and raw-food dieters.

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Website: http://www.kensho.com.ar/ Address: Zarraga 3799, Buenos Aires
Twitter: @kenshodeli


Sarkis is not a strictly vegetarian restaurant, but the menu is packed full of wonderful middle-eastern food that will leave you completely satisfied. The large dining area gets filled up quickly after they open at 8pm, and for good reason. Their hummus, tabbouleh, and babaganoush are served up with plenty of pita bread for a start, then try there "enselanda completa" which has olives, beans, and cheese drenched in olive oil. Excellent!

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Address: Thames 1101, Villa Crespo , Buenos Aires

Sattva Conciencia Vegetariana

Photo courtesy of Sattva.
Open for lunch and dinner, this vegetarian restaurant is in the steakhouse laden area of Centro. Their menu includes fresh salads, whole-wheat pizzas, and an option to combine a grain, vegetable, and protein for a yummy, customized vegetarian meal. The vegetarian burrito is an excellent option, full of julienne vegetables and served with a spicy sauce. Also try their fresh juice options.

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Website: http://www.sattva.com.ar/
Address: Montevideo 446, Centro, Buenos Aires
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