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Food & Wine in Argentina


Argentina has been a nation blessed with land perfect for growing wine and feeding cattle. The result is a beautiful combination of vino and steak, alongside other gastronomic adventures. This section is a great resource for finding the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks.
  1. Restaurant Profiles & Photos
  2. Food Bloggers & Websites
  3. Wine Tastings & Tours
  1. Beer & Pub Crawls
  2. Cooking Classes & Food Tours
  3. Traditional Foods in Argentina

Restaurant Profiles & Photos

Baraka restaurant in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Find some of the best eating experiences in Buenos Aires and other Argentina cities from casual brunch, to closed door restaurants, to classic parillas.

Food Bloggers & Websites

Pick up the Fork

Talking and blogging about food is a sport among some of the expat communities in Buenos Aires and other cities. Here are some blogs and websites that will get you to the best meals in town.

Wine Tastings & Tours

A line up of terrific wines from Argentina

So close to the wine making regions of Mendoza, Salta, and more - it's a forgone conclusion there will be terrific options for wine tours and tasting in the country. Here are a few options.

Beer & Pub Crawls

While macro-brewed Quilmes is beloved by many Argentines, you can still find a few other varieties of micro-brewed beers. Luckily, there are many people willing and wanting to find a reason to drink the frothy stuff, micro or macro.

Cooking Classes & Food Tours

Cooking classes in Buenos Aires

Find out the secrets behind a perfect empanada fold or just the right spices for a locro stew. Or, learn sushi making and Italian dishes in the heart of Buenos Aires. Tool around La Boca tasting classic Argentine treats.

Traditional Foods in Argentina

Argentina Food & Wine

Some quintessentially Argentina treats, savory and sweet.

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