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Argentina is a large country, ready to delight any kind of traveler. If you're looking for a lazy beach, a thriving night scene, a mountain to ski, a wine to taste, or an old city to explore the country has a trove of activities just for you.

Catedral Metropolitana
With the new Pope Francis I in Rome coming from Buenos Aires, Catedral Metropolitana is the perfect place to start to see how the city influenced his religious journey to the head of the Catholic Church.

Buenos Aires for Children
Buenos Aires is a great city for kids from fun science museums to amusement parks, including one built by Evita Peron.

December 2012 Events in Buenos Aires, Argentina
As 2012 comes to a close, cities around Argentina bustle with holiday and cultural activities. Film, art, music and other cultural events could keep one busy every day of December. Find out some of the top events in December 2012 around Argentina.

La Rural - History and Events List
La Rural was originally built in 1886 to house the La Exposición Rural (The Rural Exhibition), an annual agricultural and livestock show. Since then, it has hosted hundreds of agricultural related events, but also expanded its services to popular fairs, festivals, and conventions through out the year.

Comic Lane

Delta Unplugged ~ A Perfect Day Trip Exploring the Tigre Delta
Delta Unplugged offers a terrific day of exploration along the Tigre Delta, just a short train ride from Buenos Aires. Hosts Ralf and Ana offer interesting history, delicious home baked breads, a gourmet picnic on the boat, and relaxing time moving along languid water and enjoying nature.

The Man Tour
The Man Tour is a classy and classic tour which offers some of the finer things in a man's life - such as a straight razor shave, a good cigar, spirits, and great camaraderie. Perfect for two gents looking for a day out, whether it be business partners or a father and son duo, this tour is the stage for great manly memories to be made. You might just get a custom made hat out the deal, too.

September 2012 Events
September sees better climates and sunnier days as the dreary days of winter wane. Festivals, concerts, and other events are filling the spring time agenda.

Mapas de las Artes (Map of the Arts)
Mapas de las Artes (Map of the Arts) is both a print magazine and online resource to help art lovers find galleries, museums, exhibitions, art fairs, and more in Buenos Aires.

7 Reasons Art Lovers Should Know About Juanelear.com
After just a year in existence, Juanele has become a force in the Buenos Aires art scene. Lead by a team passionate to expose Argentine artists to the world. Far from a one-trick pony, the organization is more like a circus octopus, with its many facets all in existence to bring you the best art experiences in the city. You should love Juanele...

Nature & Adventure Tour Operators in Mendoza
Nature & Adventure Tour Operators in Mendoza

San Telmo Art Walk - Street Art and Graffiti Tour in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
The San Telmo Art Walk is a perfect mixture of art, architecture, and history.

Anuva Wine Tasting - Buenos Aires
Anuva Wines is fast becoming a must-do for wine lovers traveling to Buenos Aires. The company offers wine-tastings in Buenos Aires and wine shipping services to the lower 48 states. Tastings include wines from boutique wineries, many of which sell exclusively to Anuva, and pair each glass with a classic Argentine tapa.

GrinGo! English Stand Up Comedy in Buenos Aires
Tickle your Tuesday with laughs from the GrinGo! stand up comedy show in Buenos Aires. The only English language stand up comedy show in town, the roster of comedic talent is drawing larger and larger audiences. Find out about some of the comedians and history behind this popular show.

Football De Tours - Soccer Tours in Buenos Aires
When some people think of Argentina, they think of steak or tango. However, others hear the loud yell of "Gol!" ring in their head. If you are eager to attend a soccer / football game on your trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina Football World has you covered.

Tours in Argentina
Wine tours in Mendoza, bike tours in Buenos Aires, graffiti tours in San Telmo, anthropological tours of Tucuman are just a portion of the many guided excursions in this country. Argentina is a country of endless intrigue, whether it be gastronomic, anthropologic, historic, or artistic.

Foto Ruta
Foto Ruta is a photography tour company in Buenos Aires that offers photo excursions in barrios around Buenos Aires. Whether you are a trained and professional photographer or new to the craft, Foto Ruta offers insight and advice about getting unique shots of the city. Adding to the fun, clues are given to stoke creativity and and a...

Jazz Clubs in Buenos Aires
There are a few but distinguished jazz clubs in Buenos Aires. Notorious, Boris, Jazz & Pop, and Thelonius have been treating audiences to great jazz accompanied by delicious dinner, cocktails, and merriment for many years.

Monday to Thursday in Buenos Aires
There are many things to do during the week in Buenos Aires. This sample weekday itinerary for Buenos Aires is just one take on the many different ways you can explore the sites and activities of Buenos Aires. These daily activities were put together with efficiency in mind, so you can spend your time enjoying rather than traveling to and fro...

Eco-Yoga Park
Eco-Yoga Park just outside of Buenos Aires offers day or weekend trips and volunteering programs for travelers looking to practice yoga and meditation, learn and work on an organic farm and help extend their travel budget. The park offers delicious vegetarian food at its restaurant and a gaggle of like minded travelers. It's a great retreat for...

Weekend Itinerary for Buenos Aires
An itinerary for visitors who only have four days in Buenos Aires and want to hit some of the city's highlights and experience the best of Argentine culture.

Juanele - Great Resource for Buenos Aires Art and Events
Juanele is an organization in Buenos Aires that promotes, supports, and creates art in Buenos Aires. It's colorfully painted headquarters is home to eclectic events including a closed door restaurant, story telling events, live music, artists-in-residence, and more.

Friday Blog Spotlight: For 91 days
Juergen Horn and Michael Powell lived, photographed, and blogged Buenos Aires and beyond during their 91 day stay in Argentina. This image gallery offers a few selected photos from the over 1,500 visually stunning images of their travel adventure.

Top 10 Popular Tours in Argentina
There is a tour for every taste in Argentina including tango shows, float trips down the Tigre Delta, fly fishing, wine tasting, a peek into the lives of gauchos and more. These popular tours, in Buenos Aires and beyond, are from Viator and priced in EUR, AUD, and GBP.

4 Ways to Enjoy Live Music in Argentina
Live music is often easy to find and hard to avoid while you're in Argentina. Whether is is a grand musical event, such as a music festival, or a small time subway serenade you can enjoy live music on your visit to Argentina.

Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers
The Hash House Harriers have chapters all over the world. Described as drinkers with a running problem, this group runs routes around the city and then quench their post-run thirsts with many beers all while singing songs and telling bawdy jokes. The Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers are no different - thankfully.

054 Argentina Travel Magazine, Website, and Tours
054 is a travel magazine, website, and tour operator that offers stories, information, and tips about travel in Argentina. Created in 2002 by a young group of friends, the magazine offers a fresh voice and unique imagery and illustrations. The group also offers several interesting and alternative tours.

5 Things to do in Tigre
Tigre is just an hour's train ride outside of Buenos Aires.

Museum Mile - Buenos Aires
This official Buenos Aires tour of museums that can be taken on foot, by bike, or on a tour bus. The Museum Mile (Milla Museos) in Buenos Aires is for all of those who don't feel they've seen a city unless they've seen what's inside its museums.

Buenos Aires Bike Tours
Faster than walking and slower than driving, bike tours in Buenos Aires are a perfect compromise to see the beauty of Buenos Aires. The tour companies listed in this article offer excursions of various lengths and times, through the most interesting barrios that city has to offer, and all with a bi-lingual guide.

The Whales of Patagonia, Argentina
Every year Southern Whales and Commerson's Dolphins make their way to the coasts of Patagonia. People flock to the little village of Puerto Pirámides, in the Valdes Peninsula (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to see these amazing creatures.

Karaoke Bars in Buenos Aires
Looking to sing your heart out at a karaoke club in buenos aires? Karaoke clubs are called canto clubs in Argentina. There are only a few, and mostly open on the weekends. However, if you want to get your fill of karaoke singing in Buenos Aires, here are a few spots.

Top 10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires offers up tango shows and coffee shops, festivals and fashion, a rich history and funky night life. The only loss you'll feel is for time and words. Here is a list of the top ten things you should pencil in on your agenda.

Fantastic Wine Tours in Mendoza
By bike, bus, car, or hired driver Mendoza's wine country is a bounty of gastronomic bliss. Here are a few notable wine tours that include olive oil tasting, asados (barbecues), chocolate, fishing, wine education, and adventure in to their mix.

Jewish Cultural Sites in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jewish history, Kosher, AMIA, Israel

Sidetrip: Weekend in Montevideo Part 1
Uruguay, Montevideo, Side Trip, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sidetrip: Weekend in Montevideo Part 1
Uruguay, Montevideo, Side Trip, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Iconic Rolling Stones Photo Exhibit in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Michael Cooper, Adam Cooper, Photos, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Great Britain

Asian Highlights in Buenos Aires and Chinese Lunar New Year in Chinatown
Buenos Aires, Chinatown, Chinese Lunar New Year, Argentina, Dragon parade

Favorite Overlooked Buildings in Buenos Aires
Architecture, Buenos Aires, Argentina, buildings, art nouveau, beaux artes

Walking Tour of Historic Florida Street
Buenos Aires, walking tours, Florida Street, Calle Florida, architecture, Argentina

Walking Tour of Buenos Aires' Plaza San Martin and Retiro Station

Walking Tour of Buenos Aires' Plaza San Martin and Retiro Station

Walking Tour of Avenida De Mayo
walking tour, buenos aires, avenida de mayo, argentina

Walking Tour of Avenida De Mayo
walking tour, buenos aires, avenida de mayo, argentina

Exploring Dinosaur Sites in Argentina
dinosaur, Argentina, Museum of Palaeontology Egidio Feruglio

Luxury Estanica La Bamba de Areco Makes Great Buenos Aires Sidetrip
estancia, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, polo

Keeping World Cup Fever Alive in Argentina
Soccer, futbal, world cup, argentina, river, boca juniors

Juan and Evita Beyond Buenos Aires
Argentina, Evita, Juan Peron, Beyond Buenos Aires

Argentina Creates #SelfieArgentina Promotion
#SelfieArgentina, selfies, photos, Argentina, Buenos Aires

Random Recommendations on Argentina Favorites to A Friend
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hotels, Bars, Tango, restaurants

Locals and Tourists Wonder About Mendoza Zoo Bear Arturo
polar bears, Argentina, Arturo, Mendoza, Canada, Zoo

Foto Ruta Gives Visitors a Through the Lens Tour of Buenos Aires
Foto Ruta Tours, photography, iPhone, tours, Buenos Aires, camera safety, Becky Hayes, Jocelyn Mandryk

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