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4 Ways to Enjoy Live Music in Argentina

Concerts, festivals, clubs, and more


There are many music festivals in Argentina.

There are many music festivals in Argentina including Personal Fest, Creamfields, Buenos Aires International Jezz festival, and more.

Photo courtesy of Skye Brannon.
Music is omnipresent in Buenos Aires, whether it's a subway busker or thumping stereo beat. If you are in search of it, all the better. There are many events and places just waiting for you to enjoy the live sounds they are offering. Here are five ways to enjoy live music in Buenos Aires.

Music Festivals - Music festivals in Argentina enjoy a growing crowd year after year. If you're into dance music, look into tickets for Creamfields. Jazz more your taste? The Buenos Aires International Jazz festival has hundreds of events going on all over the city. Check out more music festivals in Argentina in this article.

Concerts - Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas have many places for big names and hot bands to come perform. Soccer stadiums convert to concert halls giving everyone a chance to get a ticket - at least if they're quick. Be careful, though. Some concert venues go by several names. Find out which is which in this article.

Jazz Clubs - Notorius, Thelonius, Boris are just a few of the terrific jazz clubs Buenos Aires has to offer. Find out about some others here.

Canto (Karaoke) Bars - Perhaps you're ready to sing your own songs? Or, at least select from a long list of classics and belt them out? Well, there are not many karaoke bars (called canto clubs) in Buenos Aires, but there are a few. Check out this list of karaoke spots in Buenos Aires.

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