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Anuva Wine Tasting - Buenos Aires


The spread at an Anuva Wines Tasting.

The spread at an Anuva Wines Tasting.

Photo courtesy of Anuva Wines.

Story Behind Anuva Wines:

Anuva Wines was born, essentially, because Daniel Karlin loves wine. In fact, he fell in love with Argentina's wine just after falling in love with his Argentine wife, Lourdes Silvera, now his partner in life and wine. A beautiful thing, no?

To be sure, doing business as a foreigner in Argentina is far from easy. However, Daniel Karlin and his partners at Anuva Wines have managed to establish a wine shipping service to help travelers ship the goodness of Argentina's vineyards back home as well as wine-tasting events that introduce boutique winery selections and food pairings to happy visitors.

The name Anuva is the by-product of Karlin's affinity for word-play - a Spanglish word for "a grape" (An + Uva... uva meaning grape in Spanish).

Wine Tastings:

The Anuva Wine tastings are held in the smartly decorated lobby of Rendez-vous Hotel. At the tasting you'll get to try 5 boutique winery selections paired with small, locally produced, Argentina tapas. For example:
Throughout the tasting, the friendly and knowledgeable wine tasting director gives details about each wine and its winery, wine tasting tips on how to distinguish taste, aroma, color, and other aspects of each wine, give some great background history on Argentina, and tells why Argentina is one of the best wine producing regions in the world. She also pours and pours and pours which ever wine refills the tasters fancy.

Anuva Wine tastings cost $46 USD and last from 90 minutes to two hours. Reservations are required. The tapas are not enough for dinner, but make for a satisfying array of appetizers to go with the wines. You can book a tasting on the Anuva Wine's website.

Wine Club & Shipping Service:

The team at Anuva Wines figured out the maze of international shipping laws and requirements in order to be able to ship its selection of wines to the lower 48 states. At the end of a wine-tasting, customers are offered the chance to ship some of their favorite wines back home, to friends, and as gifts.

Anuva also offers a wine club service, in which you can select 2,3, or 4 bottles of wine to be shipped to your home or office every month.

Email: info@anuvawines.com
Reservations Number: 15-5768-8589

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