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Monday to Thursday in Buenos Aires

Classic Sites in the City


This itinerary offers an eclectic mix of history, art, exercise (just a little!), food, and entertainment. The sample agenda couples items that are nearby each other, so you can spend time enjoying your weekdays in Buenos Aires and not worry about traveling back and forth from one barrio to another. If you're in the city over the weekend, check out this Friday to Sunday itinerary.

Weekdays in Buenos Aires

The weekends in Buenos Aires are chock full of events and activities, but what about during the week? If you've got the will, energy, and some cash you can fill every moment in Buenos Aires no matter the day.

Eating in Buenos Aires: Brunch and lunch spots in Buenos Aires won't be listed on this day-by-day run down. However, there are many great food blogs that can help guide you to the right dining spot. Here are a few:
  • Saltshaker has one of the most extensive Buenos Aires restaurant guides online. He's the chef behind closed door restaurant Casa Saltshaker as well. He knows what he's talking about. In fact, most of the restaurant recommendations below are links to his reviews!
  • Pick up the Fork has an ever-growing restaurant guide, complete with reviews containing the author's wacky and fun writing style.
  • Gringo in Buenos Aires has many guides and top-fives in his restaurant section that give terrific themed lists.

Monday: MALBA, Abasto, & Bomba Del Tiempo

Zelaya Alley
Photo courtesy of Skye Brannon.
  • MALBA - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires: Many museums are closed on Mondays, but MALBA is not one of them. This museum is a not-for-profit institution and dynamic cultural center, that constantly updates cultural activities, art,film, and exhibitions. It houses the Costantini Collection, which includes some of the greatest names in Latin American art such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Jorge de la Vega, and more.

    Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo

  • Abasto: This barrio was home to one of Argentina's most famous entertainers, Carlos Gardel. Abasto embraces this legacy whole-heartedly as is evident by the Carlos Gardel House Museum and Zelaya Alley which is adorned with murals and mosaics decorated with portraits of Carlos Gardel, as well as lyrics and scores of several of his tango songs. You can also find many examples of the classic Argentina style of painting called filete.

    There are two other unique aspects of Abasto. Its large Art Deco mall, called the Abasto Market, has the only kosher McDonald's outside of Israel. Also, it has many Peruvian restaurants, serving chicken and seafood (such as ceviche).

  • *Dinner in Abasto: A few recommended restaurants in Abasto: Mamani, Solopescados.com, Somos Perú, and 702 de Gallo deli Restó.

  • Bomba del Tiempo: This thumping, energetic musical experience is quickly becoming a mainstay for young and old tourists. Every Monday night, at 8 on the dot, a band of percussionists wow a packed Konex Cultural Center. The show ends promptly at 10.

    *You may need to go to dinner after the show. Luckily most restaurants are open until late in the evening.

Tuesday: La Boca Food Tour, Proa Art, Museum of Fine Arts

A colorful scene from the El Caminito street that goes through La Boca.
Photo courtesy of seretide.
  • La Boca Food Tour: Enjoy some classic Argentine cuisine in one of the most photographed barrios in Buenos Aires. You'll get a taste of fugazzeta, empanadas, parilla steak, wine, and, of course, some sweets. You'll also get some history about the neighborhood and architecture on the side. This tour takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 12:30, and lasts around 3 hours. The price is $75 per person, all food and wine included.

  • Proa Arts Foundation: Proa Foundation is a non-profit institution devoted to contemporary art projects, aiming at promoting growth and development as well as recovering the La Boca District.

  • La Boca Museum of Fine Arts "Quinquela Martín": This museum is actually on the third floor of the Pedro de Mendoza School, so don't be surprised if you have to pass through a throng of students on your way. It has twelve exhibit rooms and three terraces with sculptures. It displays artworks by Quinquela Martín and other Argentinian artists and exponents of figurative art.

  • Dinner: It is not advised to stay in La Boca after dark. So, hop on over to nearby San Telmo for dinner. Here are a few recommendations: El Desnivel, Galu, La Brigada , La Carreteria, and Los Loros.

Wednesday: CCBE, San Telmo Art Walk, Puerto Madero Tango Show

One of the murals seen on the San Telmo Art Walk.
Photo courtesy of the San Telmo Art Walk.
  • (CCBE)CENTRO CULTURAL DE ESPAÑA EN BUENOS AIRES: The Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires has an eclectic mix of art, media, and events. Its doors open at 10:30 a.m., making it a perfect spot to hit before lunch and the San Telmo Art Walk:.

  • San Telmo Art Walk: Get the low down on the San Telmo art walk in this profile of the tour. You get to see some of the best street art in the city (which has a lot), visit galleries, and museums all while having an ongoing conversation about art, history, architecture, and politics.

    Tours are conducted Tuesday thru Friday at 3 PM and last around 3 hours. The full adult rate is ARS $90 which is about $18USD.

  • Notable Bars in San Telmo: Between the Art Walk and tango show, you might want to take a breather at the hotel.Or, you can press on with some drinks and snacks at a San Telmo bar! The official Buenos Aires tourism website lists 8 notable bars in San Telmo: Bar Británico, Bar El Federal,Bar Plaza Dorrego, Bar Seddon, Bar Sur, El Hipopótamo, La Coruña, La poesía.

  • La Ventana Tango Show: La Ventana isn't a cheap tango show, but certainly one of the most entertaining. The extraordinary tango dancing is mixed with musical and folkloric acts. The menu is standard, but good, and included in the ticket price of $120.

Thursday: Bike Tour, Historic Sites and Blind Theater

Get ready for a whirl-wind day...
  • Bike Tour: There are many awesome options for bike tours around the city. Take a look at the article profiling them all. However, for this last, jam-packed day the option is this one, that starts at 9:00 am, the South City tour by Urban Biking. This tour take you through the Puerto Madero ecological reserve (closed on Mondays), La Boca, San Telmo, and Plaza de Mayo. The tour lasts 4 hours and costs $50USD.

  • Casa Rosada: Many famous scenes from Argentina's history (and movies about its history) take place at the balcony of the Casa Rosada (Pink House). This palace has been the seat of the Argentine Government since 1810.

  • The Madres de Plaza de Mayo: A moving and powerful scene, the Madres de Plaza de Mayo march every Thursday afternoon at 3:30pm. As a symbol of the blankets of their children, the Madres began to wear white headscarves embroidered with the names of the missing, disappeared during the Argentina Dirty War. The iconic white scarf has become the symbol of the Madres, and is painted along the sidewalk of the plaza, near the May Pyramid, where they march each week.

  • Palacio Barolo: Luis Barolo, a wealthy Europeans living in Argentina in the 1890's, was anxious to preserve the remains of the famous Italian poet Dante Aligheri by constructing a building inspired by the poet’s work, “The Divine Comedy”. From this, Palacio Barolo was constructed. Construction began in 1919 for what would be the tallest structure in Latin America, and one of the tallest in the world at the time. Tours of the building every Mondays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm, in English and Spanish.

  • Teatro Ciego - Blind Theater: Teatro Ciego offers one of the most unique experiences in Buenos Aires. The dinner and song show offer entertainment in complete darkness. Check out more in this profile.

That's your week in Buenos Aires! You should feel good about having hit many of the most interesting spots in the city. Now, are you ready for all of the weekend activities ?

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