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Tours in Argentina

Food, Bike, Wine, Walking, and Self-Guided Excursions


Wine tours in Mendoza, bike tours in Buenos Aires, graffiti tours in San Telmo, and empanada tours of Tucuman are just a portion of the many guided excursions in this country. Argentina offers endless intrigue whether it be gastronomic, anthropologic, historic, or artistic.

Wine Tours and Tastings

A line up of terrific wines from Argentina.
Photo courtesy of longhorndave.

In a land that is the fifth largest wine producer in the world, you'll certainly be able to find someone who wants to tell you all about it and share a glass or two. While Mendoza is well known for its wine tours and connoisseurs, you can also find vineyards, bodegas, tastings and guides all over the country.

  • Fantastic Wine Tours in Mendoza - This article covers 4 different tour providers in the Mendoza wine country. Ampora Wine, Trout and Wine Tours, Mendoza Wine Camp, and describes 3 popular wine and bike tours, Mendoza Wine Bike Tours, Bikes And Wines, and Mr. Hugo.
  • Anuva Wine Tasting- Located in Palermo Hollywood, the Anuva Wines staff offers an intimate wine tasting 7 days a week. It offers 5 limited production boutique wines, each paired with a traditional Argentine tapa.  There is a relaxed talk about the terroir or Argentina, varietals, culture, and food that demonstrates why Argentine wines have attained worldwide recognition for their taste, aroma, and color. Tastings are very social.  It is a great way for tourists to meet new people, taste five of the best boutique Argentine wines, and learn food pairings to go perfectly with each wine variety.

Art Tours

There is not enough said about the art scene in Argentina. The performance, graffiti, and traditional media artists in this country are a prolific bunch.  You need only walk the streets of Buenos Aires to see that artists are making their mark on the city, quite literally. However, if you walk alone you might miss out on some interesting back story and political or social commentary behind the work. Take advantage of these art tours to get the low down on this thriving scene.

  • graffitimundo- graffitimundo is a non-profit organization which promotes graffiti & street art in Buenos Aires, and runs tours which connect people to the city's thriving urban art scene. The tours venture outside traditional tourist areas to share an insider account of scene's history and the stories behind the art on the walls. Stopping by artist-run studios and galleries the tour also allows people to meet the artists and buy their affordable artwork. Group tours run every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoon, and a bike tour runs every Sunday. Tours last around 3 hours and cost 90ARG (around $22USD).
  • San Telmo Art Walk -The San Telmo Art Walk, run by the folks behind Argentina's bilingual art organization and blog, Juanele, does more than just take you through the streets of San Telmo. You'll get to meet some of Buenos Aires' busiest street artist, tour through major galleries, and end up at the Art Factory Hostel. Each of the rooms in this San Telmo hostel have been painted by a different street artist. The tour runs Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 3:00 PM and ending at 6:00 PM. They cost 75ARG which is about $19.

Walking Tours

Buenos Aires Local Tours giving some background about a monument on the route.
Photo courtesy of Buenos Aires Local Tours .

It's surprising just how much territory you can cover by bus, subway, and your own two feet in Buenos Aires. There are many options for walking tours in Buenos Aires (although they may be hard to tell apart by their names). Here are a few, follow the links to see what fits best with your interest, time, and pocket book.

  • Buenos Aires Local Tours - There are several reasons why this is a terrific option for touring Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires Local Tours is lead by a Jonathan Evans, a English fellow that is as full of Buenos Aires knowledge as he is of dry and witty humor. However, aside from that, the Buenos Aires Local Tour will give you a good lesson on the ways of the bus system and take you to the less touristy areas, all the better to get a real feel for this dynamic place. Lastly, and importantly, aside from the measly few pesos for bus fare, this tour is completely FREE. The tour runs every Monday through Saturday, starting at 11 a.m. from Plaza Italia in Palermo, and takes between 3 and 4 hours by foot and local transport (bus and underground train).   
  • Buenos Aires Walking Tours - The Buenos Aires Walking Tours company offers a variety of different tours depending on your time and interests. These include Florida-Recoleta 'Best of BA' walk, Recoleta-Palermo 'Amazing BA' walk, Historic Walk & Picturesque Sightseeing and range in price from $37.50 (2 hour tour) up to $150 (3 hour tour) per person. 
  • Buenos Aires Tours - This tour company offers The Buenos Aires 101 Tour, which takes  in the most famous and important landmarks around the historical heart of Buenos Aires City Center. Tours run $100 for small groups (1 to 3 people) and $150 for medium groups (4 to 7 people). 

Food Tours

Tucuman is known for its unique flavor of empanadas.
Photo courtesy of Tucuman Tourismo.

Argentina is known for a many and wondrous thing: wine, beef, empanadas, alfajores, and the list goes on. Here are a few tours devoted to delectables.

  • Tucuman Ruta de la Empananda - As described in the 5 Reasons to Visit Tucuman, this tour arms you with a map of the best spots around Tucuman to try "empanadas Tucumanas" which have been hailed as some of the most delicous in the country.
  • Teresita's Culinary Tour - Teresita has a passion for Latin American cuisine, which shows through in her culinary tours and one-day cooking classes. Teresita's culinary tour offers a guided tour of a local bakery, butcher, and market, plus empanada recipe demonstration and tasting, four course meal, and 4-5 glasses of wine. Tours start at $130 per person.
  • Buenos Aires Food Tours - If you're torn between a walking tour or a food tour, look no further. The Buenos Aires Food Tours offer tours of San Telmo and La Boca that explore the art, architecture, vibe and, yes, the food as well. The tours last around 3 hours and cost $75 per peson.

Bike Tours

One of the bike tour groups touring around Buenos Aires.
Photo courtesy of Beatrice Murch.
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