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Tucuman - Gate to Northern Argentina


Casa Histórica de la Independencia

Casa Histórica de la Independencia

Photo courtesy of Tucuman Tourismo.

About Tucuman:

To be sure - the thing you should know about Tucuman is that you shouldn't over look the province and city. Known as a gateway to the north of the Argentina, this region is rich with history, adventure, terrific eats, breathtaking natural beauty, and a relaxed vibe that will have you taking in deep sighs and relaxed vistas.

History & Geogrpahy:

Birthplace of Argentina

Argentina would not be what it is with out Tucuman. In fact, it may not have been at all. Tucuman was the place of Argentina's independence. On July 9th, 1816, at the Congress of Tucumàn, the "United Provinces of the Río de la Plata" declared their independence from Spain. Riding on this major historic significance, Tucuman's main city, San Miguel de Tucumán offers historic tours which include landmark places such as the Historic House of Independence, Nicolás Avellaneda Museum, Rougés Cultural Center, and Sacred Art Museum.

Gate to Northern Argentina

Tucumán is Argentina’s smallest province, located in the Northeast of the country, bordering with the provinces of Salta (North), Santiago del Estero (East and South), and Catamarca (West and South). Many visitors plan a visit to Tucuman as a peaceful (or adventurous) stop before heading to the wine countries of Salta.

Tourism Activities:

Adventure: Tucuman travel agencies can connect you with operators that can guide or direct you to trekking, horseback riding, paint-balling, karting, skating, paragliding, kayak & rafting, and rappel & canyoning adventures in the great wilderness of the region.

Art and Culture: Tucuman enjoys a long history of arts and culture, with many museums, cultural centers, and a few of the most important theaters in the region. Two of note:
  • Theater San Martin: The main theater of city of San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, and the most active when it’s come to cultural relevance.
  • Alberdi Theater: Offers a wide variety of events, plays, concerts, operas, and ballet, all year round.
Sports: If you love to watch a spirited sports game, Tucuman has you covered. With teams suiting up for soccer (futbol), rugby, horse-racing, polo, pato, tenis, and field hocky - you're bound to find a game on at some point. One exciting event: the Dakar Rally auto-race is set to take place in Tucuman in 2013.

Nightlife: Like so many cities in South America, you don't have to search for long to find a cold drink or a hot dance. Tucuman has several nightclubs and pubs to choose from. For the gambler, Tucuman also has a casino: Casino de Tucuman. Or, if you're in a more laid-back mindset, cafes and theaters are open as well.

Cuisine & Local Fare:

The regional specialties of Northern Argentina are some of the best fare the country has to offer. Tucuman, in particular, is known for its empanadas, which come with a bit more spice kick than you'd find in other parts of the country. The city is so proud of its empanada offerings, foodie travelers can even go on the Ruta Empanada Tucumana, or Tucuman Empanada Route.

Aside from its terrific empanadas, Tucuman offers other specialties including humitas (husks filled of corn), locro (thick and meaty pumpkin stew), or a tasty tamale (leaf wrapper filled in with corn-based mixture).

Sugarcane has been a major industry in Tucuman. So, of course, the region offers many sweets as well including alfajores, cookies, blocks of dulce de leche, and more.

Festivals & Events:

The people of Tucuman are no different than most folks in South America and around the world. They love a good reason to celebrate, or to celebrate for the smallest reason. Here are some annual festivals and events held in Tucuman:

National Festival of the Vegetable - El Mollar
Del Antigal Provincial Festival - Colalao del Valle
National Festival of Humita and Quesillo - San Pedro de Colalao
Yerbiao Festival - Tafí del Valle
Musicians of the Valley Meeting - Tafí del Valle

National Festival of the Cheese - Tafí del Valle
National Festival of the Pachamama - Amaicha del Valle
Festival of the Hill Horse - Raco
Festival of Handmade Jellies - El Pichao
Provincial Festival of Quesillo – San Pedro de Colalao
Festival of Taming and Creole Skills – San Pedro de Colalao
Festival of Taming and Folklore – Trancas

National Festival of the Nut - San Pedro de Colalao
The Passion - Tafí del Valle
Gaucho Groups Meeting - Las Talitas
Provincial Festival of Tobacco - La Cocha

Festival Sing after Yupanqui – Acheral

National Festival of the Lemon - Tafí Viejo

National Festival of the Fair - Simoca
Festival of the Foot-Pressed Wine (Vino Patero) - Amaicha del Valle
Festival of the Ponchi - Colalao del Valle
Festival of Singing to the Valleys - Tafí del Valle
Festival of Atahualpa Yupanqui - San Miguel de Tucumán
Independence Day of Argentina - San Miguel de Tucumán
Musicians and Artisans Meeting - Alpachiri
Fair of Regional and Handcrafts of the North – Monteros

Provincial Festival of the Locro - Concepción
Tribute to the Pachamama Festival - Amaicha del Valle
Festival of Taming and Folklore - Santa Rosa de Leales
Festival of Nuestra Señora del Rosario - Colalao del Valle

National Festival of the empanada – Famaillá
Lules Sings to Homeland – Lules
Provincial Festival of the Soy – La Ramada de Abajo

National Festival of the Sugar Cane - Aguilares
Provincial Festival of the Horse - Trancas Provincial
Festival of the Tamal - Monteros
Provincial Festival of the Wimp (Alfeñique) – Simoca

National Festival of the Sulky - Simoca
Festival of the Tradition - Tafí del Valle
Festival of the Fortress of Folklore - Monteros
Festival of the Virgen de Itatí - El Cadillal
Poets National Meeting - Monteros
Provincial Festival of the Dairy - Trancas

Christmas in the Valleys - Colalao del Valle
Festival of the Apple – Tafí del Valle
Christmas Folk Festival - Acheral

Online Resources & Contact:

There are several great resources to find out about tourism in Tucuman, Argentina. Here are a few websites that cover the best spots for fun in the region.

- Official Tourism Website from the Government of Tucuman
Website: http://www.tucumanturismo.gov.ar
Facebook Twitter: @TucumanTurismo

- Tucuman My City
A wonderful website run by a local Tucuman resident living in Buenos Aires.
Website: http://tucumanmycity.com/
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